As a kid, I can remember my grandparents sharing stories of what life was like when they were young.  I would look at faces in old photographs while they would explain the different family relationships, but more than anything it is the stories that have stuck with me the most.  Especially the ones that had some element of mystery or intrigue.  Did ‘Aunt Lou’ really make dresses for the Queen of England?

In this blog I will be profiling ancestors who often faced adversity and sometimes tragedy in their life times.  Some of their stories will make you laugh out loud.  What makes these stories particularly interesting is the unanswered questions they often leave us with, and the thought that the answers might be just around the next corner!

If you have an ancestor’s story that you would like to have profiled on this blog, or if you have thoughts or questions about any of my posts, please let me know.  I am not a professional genealogist, I simply have a passion for family history.  To receive notifications of new blog posts, you can follow this blog, or connect with me on Twitter at @elusiveancestor.

Keep searching!